ReDLion Warrior aka Hmong Warrior AkA MegaBully . 
He almost 3 years old.The older he is the bigger, wider, thicker he get! 
 He have another year to reach full grow!!!
This is The World Biggest Bully REDDOG!!!
Stusfees $2000 call or text 407 285 0479
 photo Warrior_zps2c428c6b.jpg
 photo DSC_0938_zps7ed67639.jpg
The Bear trying to get away!!!
 photo IMG_3514_zpsd3aba1eb.jpg
Warrior at 2 years old below

Many peoples think this 130lbs beast cant' move!!!. 
This boy could swim, run, jump like a cat.!!
 photo 1795974_10152358737672251_2755548372189236454_o_zps32e106ef.jpg
 photo 1036cb37-54a0-4c50-8716-603f337406c3_zpsa1973268.jpg
 photo IMG_2804_zps58a327ed.jpg
 photo 1932417_10152370778787251_7772592638727745772_n_zps1b921a4e.jpg

Below is warrior and his brother as 5 weeks old.
 Who know he gonna turn into a beast like the way he look right now ?

Height   ===> 19''

Head size ===> 28 +''

Weight     ===> 142lbs

Bloodline ===> ReDLion

AGE       ======> just turn 4 years old

Now open for stud $2000. 

Warrior is one of the best Rednose bully male in the world.

 Just lil over 2 years old and already looking like Grizzly Bear.

 Sitting on 130lbs 28'' head, super bully and thick like a rock.

 This boy could move like a cat for 130lbs bully freak.

Super wide chest, big muscle neck, very very big thick bone.

Big blocky ,best looking head shape with yellow eyes.