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 photo 10696426_10152368725342251_5207576852991998984_n_zps1e128634.jpg photo 10509744_10152365137667251_7981404698430060184_n_zps28c082d9.jpg photo 10801677_10152353254997251_734303354486706600_n_zpsb3cf9f71.jpg
 photo 103eb6b7-3632-4854-8a1c-9c5fd7ebf0ca_zps7c9e82ca.jpg

Height    ===> 21''

Head size ===> 29+''

Weight     ===> 160lbs

Bloodline ===> ReDLion

AGE       ======> 2 years old

Now open for stud $2000. 

ReDBear is one of the best, biggest Rednose bully male in the world.

 This boy will max out 175lbs -180lbs 30-31'' head when finish growing. 

Super wide chest, big muscle neck, very very big thick bone.

Big blocky best looking head shape with yellow eyes. 

He is not only huge but also could move like a Lion,

 very very good family and guard dog.